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Vitalcloud is a powerful cloud based management reporting tool for nurse call systems in aged care, independent living, low-care, high-care and hospital facilities. It provides access to real-time call status, response statistics, audit reports and systems maintenance functionality from anywhere in the world.

“Vitalcloud gives me the essential real-time data I need to manage my facility. And even better, I can access it anywhere from my phone, iPad or computer. It is an essential management tool that helps me do my job better”

Vitalcloud is accessed through smartphone and tablet browser connections, or using the Vitalcloud application available through the Google Play or Apple apps stores.

With access to detailed reports and statistics, operators gain valuable insight into facility performance while keeping a permanent record for compliance and audit purposes.

Real-time Dashboard

Critical site information can be viewed at a glance using the real-time dashboard. The status of all pendants, call points and sensors can be displayed along with outstanding calls, response times and low battery warnings.

Real-Time Vitalcloud Dashboard Screenshots
Vitalcall Analytics Screenshots


Vitalcloud includes a highly versatile reporting engine that provides facility wide performance analysis in an easy-to-read graphical format. This includes summaries of call volumes and response statistics across any specified period.

“Ever since we put Vitalcloud in our call response times have been falling. Nursing staff know I manage the facility by the statistics and try and ‘beat the buzzer’. This provides a better outcome for our residents and a sense of pride for staff as they strive to improve our service level”


All activity on the nurse call system is logged by Vitalcloud and a range of standard and customised reports are available.

A search function provides the ability for management to view, print and export data relating to specific dates, times, calls or messages in the call text. This report can be invaluable in addressing concerns of family, management and medical staff as to the sequence, response and timing of events.

Data can also be exported in a .CSV format for ingestion into corporate information systems, or simple manipulated in programs like Microsoft Excel.

Vitalcloud Maintenance Screen

“I just love the ability to provide family and colleagues accurate reports on residents nurse call activity. This lets me deal with issues using facts rather than memory or speculation”

Vitalcloud Report Scheduler Screen

Report Scheduler

A wide range of performance reports can be scheduled to email to facility staff, management and corporate offices.


Vitalclouds maintenance module simplifies compliance and accreditation with a structured approach to system testing. This reduces testing time and quickly identifies pendants or call points that require service.

Using Vitalcare’s ‘always on’ two-way wireless protocol, all pendants, call points and sensors report in every day to confirm they are operating correctly. These status updates can be viewed within the maintenance module.


Vitalcloud Maintenance Screen
Vitalcloud Audit Screen


Vitalcloud provides a range of accurate systems information for nurse call activation, subsequent responses, user authorisation and system performance. Audit trails are also provided on maintenance schedules which simplifies accreditation and compliance reporting.

User Management

A matrix of user roles can be defined within Vitalclouds management module providing precise control of system access.

Vitalcloud assign User Role screen
Clipboard with Corporate Benchmarking Items Ticked

Corporate Benchmarking

Clients with multiple facilities use reports and core data from Vitalcloud to benchmark and compare facility performance. This information is essential to assess staffing requirements, identify heavy use residents and manage quality of service standards.

System Management Map

System Management

A systems management module includes an interactive map of the facility with identified locations for all devices. This is an important tool for both on-site maintenance personnel and Vitalcare service engineers to support the system.

System support can also be carried out remotely via the cloud connection. This capability dramatically reduces service travel time and associated costs.


Vitalcare uses industry standard 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technologies to protect all of the information contained on Vitalcloud.

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